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There is an overwhelmingly wide range of plastic resin options and combinations available for your plastic film or poly bag. To ensure optimal outcome for your poly bag project, please contact a Polynova sales engineer to discuss the ideal configuration of your resin.

Film Clarity or "Gloss" can be achieved with additives like EVA or Metallocene blended into the base polyethylene resin. Shiny / glossy film has better optics for retail packaging with either clear or colored films or in any application where appearance is important. Depending on the purpose of your packaging, it may be essential to choose between either clarity or strength.

Most polyethylene films that are tough, strong and resist punctures or tearing are not very clear or glossy. This packaging has a more or less milky appearance. However, there are resin combinations that can improve the shine / gloss / clarity, but typically, if a bag is very tough strong it is also more translucent than transparent.

Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) can normally be identified by its softer feel, shinier appearance and more muffled sound when it is handled while High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) typically has a matte finish, and feels and sounds more like slippery tissue paper. This is a very general comparison since both HDPE and LDPE can each be modified to have characteristics of the other.