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Polynova Kickstarts 2010 with Environmentally Friendly Products

Business Focus Shifts to  Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Packaging. President Expects Long-term Steady Growth For The New Product Line.

Richmond, BC, January 22, 2010

Polynova Industries Inc., the leading full-service packaging manufacturer headquartered in Richmond, BC has revamped their business strategy for 2010. Major technological investment and a stronger focus on environmentally sustainable packaging solutions have led to progressive changes in the company’s product portfolio.

Since opening in 1981, Polynova has been always at the forefront of the flexible packaging industry. It was one of the first packaging companies on the West Coast to offer bio-degradable alternatives for all of its traditional plastic products. To its credit, the company was also amongst the first to offer rotogravure quality flexographic printing.

Dennis Wong president and general manager of Polynova says, “Our revised business strategy for 2010 is a result of two major factors – one, our response to the latest trends within the packaging industry, and two, in recognition of environmental sustainability initiatives. Polynova has upgraded its production capability so that we are now able to offer a comprehensive range of barrier pouch products and advanced flexible packaging solutions.”

For over 25 years, Polynova has been producing mainly Polyethylene (PE) film products. The company is now taking the next major step to manufacture barrier film -- multi layer film that includes nylon, PET, PP foil, etc. for food packaging. This addition makes Polynova one of the few companies in North America that provides a complete packaging solution for various applications, all under one roof. Dennis Wong predicts “With the addition of the barrier film product, we expect the total sales of Polynova to increase 10-20% every year for the next several years, even if the current difficult market conditions don’t improve.”

The flexible packaging industry is undergoing major changes and certain trends are clearly driving the manufacturing direction for leaders such as Polynova. Freedonia, the global industry research company recently published a new study on the international long-term market trends within the plastics industry. The study concludes flexible packaging is one of the main segments to drive major sales growth within the industry.

According to Fredonia, global demand for converted flexible packaging is forecasted to increase 3.5 per cent per year by 2013. More green products, bio-degradable or starch based film are shifting the focus to sustainable packaging solutions. Weight reduction in packaging material is projected to be a major trend. Major corporations are already starting to look at various ways to reduce their carbon footprint – a very important business strategy in the age of global warming and possible carbon taxes in the future.

Dennis Wong says, “If you compare different packaging materials, the rule of thumb is that the carbon footprint of the packaging is reduced as the weight decreases. The advancement of barrier film technology presents a great opportunity, especially to the food industry. Majority of the food items that used to be packaged in tin cans can now be packaged in laminated film pouches, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of the packaging. Recycling of the packaging material will be more convenient because plastic pouches can be compacted and shipped to recycling facilities much easier than cans or other materials. Direct printing on the plastic film of the pouches takes care of the issue of separating  packaging material from paper labelling.”

Polynova’s capability to deliver high quality prints (even for small volumes) and meeting tight deadlines, has helped maintain the company’s edge over other service providers. Now, with a renewed business focus and advancements made in barrier film technology, Polynova offers even greater value to the market, further strengthening their competitive market position.

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Polynova continues to lead the flexible packaging solutions manufacturing industry. With its strategic location in south-western Canada, the company serves both the Canadian and US markets. Its clientele includes small and medium sized companies as well as major retail and consumer brand companies such as Disney, Costco, Microsoft, Holiday Inn, Procter and Gamble, Olay, Old Navy.